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September 11, 2010

TV is a Dinosaur, The Internet is a Meteor, Google TV is the Fallout

Strangely enough, TV probably won’t die, not for a very long time at least. But we will see something new, a big screen that isn’t so much a receiver as it is a browser. In a way this TV-as-browser will just be what Cable should’ve been all along.

Stop making social networks, Facebook won
Frankly I don’t think Facebook has done much of anything beyond building a very good email client. In the big picture this is just not terribly interesting.

Digg v4 Troubles are Symptom of a Bigger Problem
Some surprisingly conservative, old-media thinking comes out of the folks at Digg.

Micro Instances for Amazon EC2 announced!
$15/mo is pretty impressive for that much ram and I suspect this price will only come down. I guess cheap personal servers are coming, just not in the form that anybody imagined.

A Taste of What’s New in the Updated App Store License Agreement and New Review Guidelines
It’s a start though I very much doubt Apple can give up its controlling, bullying ways. At least not this easily.

Checking in with Facebook
It’s difficult to see checking in as a positive thing but, I guess, in another light, perhaps it’s just another kind of publishing.


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