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September 8, 2010

Scaling OpenJPA applications with Slice
It’s an interesting idea but at that point you have to wonder if it’s time to revisit some basic architectural assumptions. I’d assume that this sort of abstraction would hardly be transparent after all…

Simplicity Is Highly Overrated
Questionable anecdotal “evidence” aside I don’t buy into the simplicity vs flexibility distinction. In the most successful systems simplicity and flexibility drive one another.

Developing for Android
It’s somewhat charming to see people harp on user experience so much… but really, would the iPhone have gone anywhere if it hadn’t had a great browser? I don’t think user experience is nearly that important.

Some random thoughts on programming
Perhaps complexity isn’t the problem. If complexity was the problem then one would expect that software systems developed today would be less successful than those developed in the past. Is that really the case?

Is Transactional Programming Actually Easier?
It makes a lot of sense. It’s not so much that transactions are easier to understand than locks — they’re likely not — it’s that they’re simply more composable.

Re-thinking JDK 7
It’s not even really a debate. Waiting another 2 years would be disastrous.

As Digg Struggles, VP Of Engineering Is Shown The Door
I find it very strange that a company like Digg couldn’t do sufficient load testing to get some idea of their scaling requirements. Heck, what else are these web mega-sites good for?

Secure your codebase: OpenVPN in the (Rackspace) Cloud
Good to know. Will need to play around with OpenVPN one of these days.

State of HTML5 canvas in QtWebKit
It’s great to see the Qt guys continuing to innovate so relentlessly. If only somebody had done this with desktop Java…


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