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August 30, 2010

Android MVC – Forward and Backward Navigation
Looks like a pretty interesting framework.

Email needs to be realtime
Email already is effectively real-time for anybody with access to a smartphone and google mail. At this point the interface really is the problem. Google Wave was right to understand what’s really happening here are conversations and conversations are necessarily fluid.

Introducing fise, the Open Source RESTful Semantic Engine
That’s pretty durn cool. This sort of data enhancement does need to be its own service rather than everybody reinventing the wheel.

Code and data
It’s not so much a matter of code vs data as it is one of strong typing. It’s true what they say: every bug is a type error…

Another App bites the dust – Briefs goes open-source after Apple ponders its review for three months
I do wonder if Apple has any clue about the sort of culture they are building.


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