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August 27, 2010

Proposal: A new kind of blog comment system
I’ve always felt that comments should be completely decentralized particularly because it already is… and I, for one, like putting comments on my own blog rather than spreading them across hundreds of sites. Seems like there’s already been some work in putting threading extensions in Atom

12 Standard Screen Patterns
If these are really patterns have to wonder why people are still building them from scratch.

A Unit Test You Should Never Write
Yeah, that’s a pretty awful test. It’s not just that it’s stale it’s that it’s really very procedural. Testing not only ought to capture requirements it ought to read like requirements…

Bad developer != novice developer
It’s an excellent point. I’d go further and suggest that what separates a great programmer from a good programmer is that the great ones are good at sharing their deep understanding of the problem and solution space.

Down With Social
It seems to me that social media is the new television. It’s just more of the same old, same old broadcast advertising but now for the web.

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