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August 18, 2010

Why Innovation Thrives at the Mayo Clinic
Innovation doesn’t have to be driven from the top-down, it doesn’t need major initiatives or even new technologies. Often it’s simply a matter of getting different people talking to each other.

Data immutability in Java
Often the intent of immutability is even more value than actual, tested immutability. Just putting objects behind an immutable interface will take you far. (This is also why I don’t like that java.util.Collection has mutator methods.)

Membase, The Database Powering Farmville
I’m somewhat surprised the Zynga guys just aren’t doing everything in memory. What does membase provide except perhaps for querying at that point?

I love netbooks but Asus is blowing it
I totally agree. The thing is, instead of focusing on just improving specs the netbook makers really might consider focusing on experience. Asus doesn’t have to go the Apple route and write their own operating system but they might definitely consider looking into tackling the synchronization problem. There’s real untapped potential to be explored here and Asus has no one to blame but themselves…

Why Android developers are losing money, and it’s not due to piracy
The era of disposable, 99 cent applications likely won’t last much longer. Eventually the novelty will wear off. Users don’t really want to go rooting around an app store, I think. What could help, perhaps, is a good application search engine…

Going to town with annotations
The big problem with the XML-file or imperative approach is that they are not type-safe. Annotation-driven systems are inherently type-safe and this is very, very valuable.


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