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August 14, 2010

The price of privacy
The internet hasn’t really made it that much more difficult to be private. Everybody who gets on Facebook and the like and spills their guts is making a wholly voluntary choice. What’s really changed is simply the value of personal data. But even this isn’t the whole story; personal data has always been valuable. Institutions have forever been trying to invade the person’s privacy with a solid understanding that such knowledge is power. But now a days the profit centers are a bit different…

On being wrong
The net is simply far bigger than many people imagine. I don’t think there’s anybody who quite understands just how big the net is; it’s not clear that anybody can understand how big it is… arguments to control it, to restrict it, to contain it, won’t make it very far. You might as well fight the sea.

Journalism Warning Labels
It’s only a matter of time until such warnings go digital. But be careful, in the wrong hands such blithe warnings can easily be turned to the wrong ends. Perhaps the warnings themselves need warnings…


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