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August 12, 2010

20 Ways to Use Gmail Filters
Gmail ends up being terribly useful primarily because it’s (1) super simple (2) available everywhere and (3) makes it easy to publish, organize, and find text. Also see Build advanced Gmail filters and persistent searches.

Guardian pulling the plug?
Some people obviously value effective software development more than others. This might be a case of different people having different views or value or of failing to demonstrate value to the right people. It’s not so much that businesses are at the mercy of external market forces but that every business is also a market, through and through…

A bootstrap of 1000 miles begins with a single step
Why is having a compiler that compiles itself so useful? It provides a very tight, very powerful feedback loop. This will happen anytime a tool is used to create itself. But most tools aren’t like this, indeed it’s only communication tools (and I’d include compilers here) that are really capable of “talking to themselves”.


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