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August 10, 2010

Strace — The Sysadmin’s Microscopea>
You might, at first, consider this a leaky abstraction. But I think something more interesting is going on here. Here we have a system where the data about “what’s really going on” is present and available but only if you really need it. It’s solid encapsulation and a good example of progressive complexity.

RE: Is there any experience using Software Transactional Memory in substantial applications?
At first I thought this was such a strange thing to say — the whole point of transactions is to allow shared access to data. On reflection it seems like STM might be more a matter of keeping one honest…

End User Programming — Solution or Nuisance?
Strangely enough, this problem comes up very frequently. How many times have you been asked to create a system that allows for “user defined” reports? But it’s possible that this may not be a technical problem at all. You have to wonder why any business would want to so completely empower their users as to turn them into programmers…

Some Thoughts on Quora
It’s always interesting to see the conflicts between the community and between the investors/sponsors. It’s a very clear example of stakeholders with competing interests. There may not be a solution here. Two masters and all that…


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