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April 17, 2010

Dear Tech Republic, it’s called FOSS and that’s just how it’s done
It’s a good point though note that the six-month release cycle is more a cultural thing than something gained merely by virtue of being open source. What’s interesting is that these strong cultural traditions pass from opensource project to opensource project. This sort of thing doesn’t really happen inside a lot of firms, I bet.

Thoughts on building a finger service
This kind of thing is really of dubious value. There’s something basically wrong with these kinds of specialized services that require so much work to accomplish so little.

Why I withdrew from SEMAT
Because if it’s a truly mathematical language well then it just must be serious.


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  1. I don’t quite follow. The finger service is just the two blue links, messages 4 and 4R which consist of a GET with an authorization header. I don’t know how it could be simpler. The rest are the context in which the finger request happens and are mostly made up of OAuth calls.

    • Yaron,

      I don’t think the finger service is quite that simple. Your own post raises questions about services, security, discovery, and shared data schemas. The rest of the centralized security stuff also quite significantly adds to the complexity. It strikes me as the wrong approach for various reasons. It’s not simple (at least it’s not simple enough) and it really seems like a lot of work for very little return. Discovery is something that I think must be approached very carefully on the web. This is partly because engineers like yourself tend to, I think, over-complicate it and partly because the web itself has already demonstrated, to a certain extent, that it can do discovery itself.

      If I were to suggest a different approach to your problem, btw, it might be something as simple as a , element on a resource. Leave everything else out and just provide a URL. The rest will happen organically.

      Does that make sense?

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