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April 14, 2010

How to embed GlassFish in an existing OSGi runtime?
I personally think that’s really, really cool. This is the real power of OSGi , being able to so easily combine two containers and not worry so much about classloading nonsense. At the Bundle layer, even ignoring all the service stuff, it’s a very lightweight component model.

Eric Schmidt spreading word of an Android-based Google tablet, HP building one as well?
Most of what I do on Android is browsing, writing, reading feeds, using maps, messaging, and email. Would I buy an Android tablet? Considering that all of these activities would be significantly enhanced by a bigger screen it’s rather tempting. If you gave me a device that could be used outside I’d probably do it. But I want something smaller than an iPad. I want something 5-7 inches, no more, no less.

Fixing the Cause-Effect Trap in User Stories
What’s interesting about this process is that it’s not unlike a scientific investigation. Keep asking why and you may uncover something that’s really interesting. And actually, this is why I think use case analysis is inferior to domain analysis. Use cases ask what when you should be asking why.


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