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Jetting Away

April 8, 2010

If you’re in the market for a remote backup solution — and who isn’t? — than you’ll want to consider using Amazon S3 and jets3t. Amazon S3 is a web service that lets you store whatever data you want on Amazon’s servers for a very low monthly charge. (Currently about 15 cents per a gigabyte). Once the data is on S3’s system it’s replicated several times all over the world and a copy of it is etched into limestone and then sunk to the very bottom of the ocean to ensure that, no matter what happens up to and including a ELE , your data is never lost. (This isn’t true.) jets3t is a free application that provides several tools for working with S3. It also rocks pretty hard. You can combine these two good things to make a great thing: your most important data backed-up to the cloud and available anywhere in the world.

To get going you’ll want to install Java and download jets3t. Be sure to set the JAVA_HOME JETS3T_HOME environment variables.

Finally you’ll want to whip up a script for backing up your data to S3. You can use something like:



function remoteBackup() {

${JETS3T_HOME}/bin/ --properties "${SYNC_PROPERTIES}" --gzip --crypto -p UP "net.bubblegumproject.backup.${1}/" "/path-to-disk/${1}/"


remoteBackup repos
remoteBackup data

And that’s all there is to it. Enjoy.


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