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April 5, 2010

Why I don’t Use Maven for my Java Projects
Honestly, Maven is a mess. But the problem with Maven has nothing to do with XML files. The real problem is that it’s a single tool that tries to do too many things. Every maven build feels like a combination of magic and shoddy engineering. Too many moving parts and when it breaks the errors make absolutely no sense.

The Collapse of Complex Business Models
This doesn’t make any sense. Note that many of the even largest and most complicated businesses have made a successful transition into the Internet era. It wasn’t “complexity” that doomed the horsebuggy business. It was technology.

Recommendation for Facebook Platform Team
Is Facebook really serious about building a real app platform? No. The vast majority of Facebook apps are junk. When I see Facebook reaching out to real businesses the way Google does with Google apps then I’ll take their app platform seriously.


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