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Easy Backups with rdiff-backup

April 4, 2010

Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Linux and Rsync describes Mike Reubel’s classic system for using the popular rsync tool for snapshot-style backups. But Mike’s system is still a bit complicated; it requires users write the scripts for rotating snapshots themselves and the number of snapshots is limited to a hardcoded number. Mike’s system is really just the beginning of the ideal rsync-based backup system that would combine ease of use with powerful ability to restore files and directories from any point in the history.

Fortunately such an ideal backup system exists. It’s called rdfiff-backup. It gives you extremely efficient and fast incremental backups combined with powerful file restoration abilities. Best of all it’s very easy to use; take a quick gander at the documentation page and get to it. With a tool as great as rdiff-backup there’s no reason to not backup your important data ever again.


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