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Amazon MP3 Store FTW

March 23, 2010

I’ve been hitting up the Amazon MP3 store every weekend to pick up some old and new music. (Note that it’s frighteningly easy to get carried away so you’ve don’t click unless you have major self discipline… maybe just don’t click.) I was keeping this music on a USB thumb drive so that it could be easily transported each day to work. Because I’m an idiot I hadn’t bothered to back up the thumb drive in a while. Unfortunately, though the sales guy at J&R assured me that the drive worked like a beauty, it didn’t. All it took was a minor jolt for the drive to go on the fritz. (Note that thumb drives are essentially disposable. Do not use them for anything else except transferring copies of data from one place to another.)

Oh, how I despaired. All my precious music gone, disappeared into that virtual abyss where all lost data ends up. Mad with grief I opened up the Amazon MP3 Downloader and noticed the Contact Customer Service menu item. I did so and almost immediately I received a reply telling me how to re-download my music without charge. I wasn’t able to re-download everything I’ve ever bought from the store but I was able to grab the last month or so of purchases and so I ended up not losing any music at all. Amazon for the win.


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