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March 12, 2010

Multiverse: Open Source Software Transactional Memory for Java. Interview with creator
That’s pretty nifty though I’m not entirely convinced that concurrency is something that should happen completely behind the covers. One big benefit of this approach though is that concurrency becomes a lot more composable!

“Mythical Man-Month” Supposedly Busted By MIT Startup
The Mythical Man Month is hardly an iron law. Look at Open Source….

Kindle Numbers: Traditional Publishing Vs. Self Publishing
What’s interesting here is that we can now precisely measure the value-add for publishers. Or, in this case, the value-loss… Many more experiments like this need to be done.

Google Apps Marketplace: Instantly Connect Your App To 25 Million Users, Profit.
Marketplaces still seem to be a little bit off. Eventually they get too big and then you’re back to square one. Already the Android Marketplace is overwhelming. There has to be a better way…


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