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March 10, 2010

Cell phones in the classroom: Surprising field studies suggest cell phones could be effective learning tools
Another factor, I think, is that cellphones aren’t really a “school” thing. Kids “playing” on their phones might not even consider themselves to be doing “school work” at all. Using technology to blur these lines between personal, less stressful social contexts and administrative contexts like work and school is probably a good thing.

Books vs “e-books”
Books are going the way of scrolls. A better form factor has arrived and it’s now only a matter of time.

Actors are not a good concurrency model
Highly debatable. In theory actors may not be composable but then how to explain the existing large, distributed and dynamic systems that are built off actors and messaging in general?

Achievements, Game Mechanics and Social Software
I find it very unlikely that there’s a large mass of people out there who want all aspects of their lives to be a competition. Methinks the forest is being missed for the trees. Silly “games” are just silly, but people love them simply because it provides an excuse to spend time with friends. The game isn’t the point, it’s what the game enables.


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